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Supplemental Digital Ad Specs


File Submission Guidelines

  • Please email art files to:​

  • Send all artwork as email attachments rather than embedded images in the body of the email.

  • Please do not send zip files. Our email system may strip them out as suspected malware.

  • File Naming: Please include your company name and ad title in the filename of your submitted artwork in the format: Advertiser-AdTitle.filetype 

    Example: StMaryCatholicBooks-ChristmasAd.pdf Note that generically named files (examples: NCR_4x4.pdf, NCR-Ad.pdf) may cause delays in your campaign.

Ad Styles, Sizes, and Requirements

We have a large selection of ad styles to promote your products and services in the best light.  From traditional image ads and "native" photo and video styles, to eye-catching, high-engagement motion ads.  Each unique ad style has its own requirements for images, text, and technical information.  Also listed are the websites & ad slots for which each style is available.  For the location of specific ad slots for each of our websites, please visit our Digital Advertising page and select the individual website.

Rotator Ad

​This ad can display up to six different images.

Availability: Article ad slots on all sites.


  • Up to six static images, 300x250 each

  • File types: .jpg, .png (no animations)

  • Max image file size 256k each

  • Target URL (optional: separate URLs per image)


Parallax Ad

This is a very high visibility, high engagement ad for mobile devices. 

The viewport is 300x300px which reveals a 300x600px ad.  The ad remains stationary as the viewport scrolls along with the text of the article.

Availability: Mobile devices only, Article ad slots on all sites, Home Center Banner & Latest ad slots on NCR.


  • Static image, 300x600

  • File types: .jpg, .png (no animations)

  • Max file size 256k

  • Target URL 


Product Showcase Ad

​Designed to display four products at the same time, this ad style functions best when all images are similar in style and content (like all t-shirts, or all rosaries).  Each image features its own caption that displays when the user rolls their mouse over the image.

Availability: Article ad slots on all websites.


  • Four static images, 200x200 each

  • File types: .jpg, .png (no animations)

  • Max file size 256k each

  • Four Target URL's

  • Headline

  • Headline URL

  • Company Name

Desktop View


Mobile View

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